Salford Keys Pike Fishing with Paul

Today I made my maiden voyage to Salford Quays. The city of Salford is famous for its armed robberies and the Salford City Reds Rugby League team. For those of you who don’t know Rugby League, it is a bit like “real rugby”  but it is played exclusively by Northerners and Australians.

After some unsuccessful trips fishing the central canals myself and keen angler Paul Dallolio decided upon Salford Quays because of  its head of specimen fish. With pike and carp to over 30 lbs and also because it used to be known for its silver fishing too. The water is absolutely crystal clear and although the deepest parts of the Quays is around 27 foot deep you can still see the bottom in places. When construction was finished the Quays virtually transformed Manchester into a port city – MENTAL cos its not even by the sea. Unfortunately, the clarity does make the fish a bit finicky about biting (and also a bit dead because they have all been eaten by predators as there is nowhere left to hide). I have heard its best to scale down your tackle to counteract this. I still only have my spinning tackle in Manchester which is locked and loaded for fishing overhanging snaggy waters hence its tooled up with 60 lb braided mainline and topped off with a 40 lb wire lure trace . Oh snap!

Prior to my fishing trip I made a cheeky layover at Go Outdoors, a shop which is so good I virtually jizz my pants as soon I step through the front door and into the tent section. I have even befriended the staff which I think is totally sweet, but Caitlin Rowlands B.A  thinks its lame.  This traditional pre session wallet raping resulted in me – thenortherncoarseangler BEng – being the owner of yet more lures. I had also intended to buy some 1990’s style polarised sunglasses. These sunglasses would have enabled me to see through the water by filtering the glare off the surface, also as an added bonus I would have been able to pretend to be Jack Bauer from 24 (King of 90’s glasses!). This would have had its drawbacks though because I would have felt obliged to then interrogate every fish I catch in true 24 style.

“Where’s my wife and daughter? WHERE’S MY FAMILY???”

As a blessing in disguise though I forgot to put my contact lenses on so sunnies where out of the question. I mean imagine how stupid I would have looked with two pairs of spectacles on!


As usual zero fish were caught and my fingers got really really cold and I started to look like I had little corned beef fingers. For some reason when my fingers get cold they start to look like reddy orangey reconstituted meat that comes from a can. Any ways, the Quays are lovely, the north is freezing and I am seriously considering selling my fishing tackle and becoming a downhill street luger instead.

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