The Sacrifice by Jazz and Fly Fishing

I think I need a hook or a USP for my fishing blog. These guys have got it, not only are they brilliant fly fisherman but they play jazz. Check out the video below and the others they have posted they are brilliant. Now all I need to do is learn an instrument……. then learn how to make amazing videos……. then learn how to fly fish properly…………..

“Taking a Chance” by mikefsher

Stumbled across this amazing video earlier and I had to share it. The river looks amazing!

Here’s the description from the youtube page:

“Taking a Chance is a half hour look at a wilderness trip with a difference – a look into uncharted territory, where only maps and Google Earth have given us any clue as to what to expect. Kresten Ovesen again is the man of the moment who has an adventurous spirit and willing to take a chance on an untested location. Luckily for me he loves to have the camera rolling to relive the moments later, so we could capture what turned out to be one of the most memorable of his angling career. Memorable for things often much greater than some of the wonderful brown trout caught. The magnificence of the stunning water and surrounds will burn brightly in our minds for some time… Watch at the highest setting.”

Garnffwyd Fly Fishery

Fly fishing could be described as sometimes elegant, often enjoyable but nearly always frustrating. So many subtle movements combine to make the perfect cast, a sharp tug on the line, a quick burst of arm sometimes combined with deft flick of the wrist. A mismatch of these elements can cause airborne tangles or piles of line to plummet into the water or perhaps a tree line peppered with lost flies, which have been lovingly crafted on the vice at home.

I would probably describe myself as an intermittently brilliant fly fisher. When running in normal mode I would say that most casts are terrible and the trout remain comfortably safe in their watery home,  however, there are flashes of genius.  Periods when flies are turning over beautifully, presentation is perfect and the trout are in trouble. Unfortunately, these moments are rare, especially, when a stiff breeze and a rustiness gathered after a long closed season are thrown into the mix; this was exactly the case on my latest trip with Jamie to fish at Garnffywd Fly Fishery.

It must be said that on Friday at the fishery, bar the wind, conditions were perfect. Absolutely perfect, in fact, when me and Jamie were tackling up at the waters edge, we both acknowledged that if we didn’t catch the weather could not be held at fault. It was the first time we had fished this water and it blew us both away, the water is crystal clear and it is surrounded by lovely Welsh countryside. Sometimes, when I have fished small still waters in the past I felt that I am just going through the motions fan casting out in a featureless pond. This isn’t the case at Garnffwyd, the water is riddled with little nooks and crannies and absolutely packed full of chunky little trout.

Throughout the day we switched up flies and to be honest we both had little interest on a range of naturals. It wasn’t until a few hours had past that I finally hooked into a hard fighting rainbow. I was fishing a black buzzer almost static just retrieving line fast enough to stay in touch with the fly when the line locked up and a quick fight ensued which ended with a trout of around a pound and a quarter being scooped over the rim of my net. What made this especially satisfying was that it was the first fish that had been duped into taking a fly which I myself had tied. After dispatching the trout, I took a quick break mainly to gloat to Jamie and then to proclaim that I was the “pro of Garnffwyd”. Fully recharged, I returned to my fishing peg and starting working the margins with the same small buzzer when a beautiful brown trout took my fly. Once landed, it was clear this little pound and a half’er was my new PB brown trout, I was well chuffed. So after another quick comfort break/ gloating session I gave Jamie one of the black buzzers I had tied. He was soon into a beautiful little brown trout which had the most vivid patterning I had ever seen. After this fish, he soon hooked into a rainbow which we decided to kill for the pan as well. This was significant as it was, as far as I can recall, the first time we had caught our limit of fish.

I will remember this trip for a long time firstly because of the beautiful brown trout and secondly because we caught these fish on flies which I had tied myself. FYI – I tied these buzzers using the following TAFishing Video, not the first time Graeme Pullen and his son have helped me catch fish and probably not the last.

The Road to Nowhere – Lake District

Certain places that you visit stick in your mind forever, Ennerdale Water in the Lake District is one of these rare places. Its immense, quiet and has that inhospitable beauty that only truly wild glacial lakes have. It’s surrounded by huge peaks contrasted with lush woodland, the perfect place for wild camping. There was even chance of a huge wild brown trout from the crystal clear water.

I think no mater how bloated and obese a man becomes pushing pencils round a desk all week, there is always a primeval part of a man’s brain that simply wants to go back out into the wild and just survive for a few days. I always feel a boyish excitement building for weeks before big trips like this one. It’s such a simple pleasure, just being out camping making a fire, keeping warm, keeping dry. In this situation the fishing really does become secondary. Sharing a trip like this with someone like Jamie is even better, a proper boy’s own adventure.

We had wanted to fly fish at Ennerdale for months and months, but when we arrived we just sat and stared at the water for hours. We did wet a line after a few hours but I was more fulfilled just sitting by the water taking in the stunning landscape in front of me. Jamie, I think, shared my sentiment. There are very few places which have had this effect on me. We did eventually get bored, however, drink a box of wine and set a branch on fire, the Ennerdale trout were safe on this trip.


Fly Fishing with Buzzers

Another brilliant video from Wilderness TV. If you’re a fisher check out their YouTube channel.

Simple Trout Recipe

Here’s a simple trout recipe that relies on the freshness of the ingredients rather than being bombarded with rich flavours.

Admittedly I think a smoked fish would lend itself better to a simple dish such as this.


  • Freshly caught trout preferably in the 1/2 lb to 1 & 1/2 lb range
  • Parsley
  • Butter
  • Lemon
  • Freshly Baked Bread


Cooking a trout in this fashion takes probably 3 mins to prepare. First clean the fish by cutting along from the trout’s anus up to the v on its gill plates underneath its head. Reach inside the cavity and pull out the entrails in one piece. The quicker this is done after killing the fish the better as the guts will spoil a fish. Then use the back of the knife to scale the fish rubbing against the grain until all the shiny scales are gone.

Whilst the grill is warming up stuff the cavity with butter, parsley and lemon. I tend to cook the trout under a medium high heat on the grill. Be sure to give the outside of the trout a good smothering with butter so it colours up nicely.


Once the grill is hot whack the trout underneath and give it about 5 or 6 minutes on each size depending on the effectiveness of your grill and the size of the trout. I am far from being king of trout cooking but this is just a rough guide to how I do a simple meal with the catch from my day out.

Please ping back links to any trout recipes that you have.



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